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Many people have recently been angered by the fact that Facebook have again decided to drop the reach of posts by business pages. Posts now only reach about 6-16% of fans. Facebook say that the reason for this is that there just simply isn’t enough room to show everything. Is this true or is it just there way of getting people to pay for further reach? Whatever the reason it has definitely caused a stir in the big wide world of Facebook.

To ensure your posts are being seen by the right people, Facebook adverts are an easy and inexpensive way of doing that. However, if you don’t want to part with your cash, there are still a few things that you can do to make your posts as effective as possible.

Join in with trending topics

As well as reducing post reach, Facebook also recently introduced trending topics and using hash tags. Posts from friends or pages that a user follows gets higher placement in the trending feed. Therefore if a trending topic is relevant to your company or brand, joining the trend is definitely a good idea and will most likely increase the amount of people that see your post.

Target your posts

Not many people know that in the settings on your Facebook page you can turn on what is called post targeting. This enables you to target your posts to specific users/fans by age, gender, language and location. It hasn’t been confirmed that this in anyway will help the amount of people that see your post but it has been indicated that targeted posts reach a large percentage of the fans they’re aimed towards.

Post photos

Text only posts used to be the most effective in terms of reach. However, in January this year, Facebook changed the rules again and said that they were increasing the reach of others types. Now photos can be just as effective, but be careful using them. Make sure your pictures are unique and high quality images as Facebook filter out ones they deem to be ‘low quality’.

These tips will help make your posts more effective. However checking your Facebook insights daily will allow you to see which types of post are performing best. You can then alter your social media strategy accordingly so that you can get the most out of Facebook for your business marketing.

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