Britweb's Steve at Horsham Pancake Race

A much-anticipated event took place in Horsham today – the annual Pancake Race. Here at BritWeb, we take this momentous occasion very seriously, having been robbed of the trophy last year due to blatant favouritism. With the smell of frying batter in our nostrils and lemon juice on our hands, we took to the streets once more for a quick toss with the locals.

The team consisted of Steve (the seasoned pro), myself (the smooth strider), Kerry (small and speedy), and Jamie (the strategist). Long and low was our strategy with extra attention being paid to our tossing technique. As we lined up on the start line, Steve stretched out his groin and the others discussed tactics. The rest of the BritWeb team looked on from the sidelines, hungry for glory (and for pancakes).

Steve was first off the line, displaying superb skill developed over years of training. Focused and on fine form, he ensured an early lead for Team BritWeb.

Jamie Pancake Race

Jamie’s young and flexible frame served him well on his run. With legs outstretched and a look of grim determination on his face, he thrashed the competition, who were starting to lag behind at this point.

Things started to go wrong on my run. Ill-fitting specs resulted in awkward fumblings as I tried to apply sugar to the pancake. More troubling though was the cheating that was taking place by the other competitors. Running wasn’t allowed but clearly other people taking part decided to ignore this rule, resulting in Team BritWeb losing their lead.

Kerry Pancake Race

With dreams of pole position in peril, Kerry flexed her leg muscles with a last ditch attempt for victory. Fast and determined (but not running, might I add), she navigated the lemon juice and sugar stations with ease. However, despite an elegant toss and excellent technique, Kerry couldn’t quite make it back in time.

Sadly, second place gets you nowhere at this high level sporting event (although we found this out after half an hour standing in the rain). Still, we went back to the office with our heads held high, knowing if we had won, it would have been an admirable victory.

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