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After spending the summer between jobs travelling through Europe, I was eager to return to a  professional career in the ever changing world of digital marketing. My previous role as an SEO Team Leader for a travel brand had prepared me well as I made the leap to agency life. After one week, here are my top takeaways:

Multiple brands are exciting

Apart from an internship at an agency in London, my career has focused on managing the campaign of one large website, rather than multiple brands where many aspects are bespoke. I’ve quickly learnt at BritWeb that moving from one account to another is very exciting and rewarding; you can make a difference to more business owners and put your skills to the test. I’m still getting to know each client, but it’s very clear to me that each offer a wealth of expertise, that can in turn aid their digital marketing goals to become leaders in their field.

Google Drive is essential

Everyone in the office is very busy, including myself as I settle in, and it’s been the perfect time to properly convert to Google Drive. As we work as a team, lots of our documents need to be shared in a timely and efficient way for quality checks and to get the best results. I haven’t used anything easier than Drive to have multiple people working on one document and would say it’s most useful for a new starter as I’ve been needing to learn what’s been done before on outreach projects. My favourite function are the filters in Sheets so I can get used to a month by month view.

It isn’t all about Majestic

Most SEOers have a preferred backlink tool and mine was always Majestic, with MOZ used to provide a second viewpoint and further checks. However, I’ve now been trained to use Ahrefs and have been won over by it’s clear design and in-depth functions. In the backlink view, you not only see which links are live or deleted, you can also get the tool to format your disavow file. This is a brilliant feature that shows they really understand what people are using the data for in their campaigns,.

Marketers love cacti

After my first week I decided to personalise my desk with Richard, my cactus from home. Little did I know the team were already enamoured with these little plants and he would be such a hit! Perhaps I’ll bring in Bertie after my second week…

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