It seems that my first week at BritWeb as the new Social Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice has come to an end, and along with this comes anticipation/excitement for what the future holds. I feel that I have already learnt so much in such little time. Before starting the position, I didn’t have a clue about just how much strategising and creativity goes into running client’s social media platforms. As most would think outside of the industry, running social media as your full-time job seems like a dream. I still think it is, in many ways, but it’s much more than just sitting on Facebook and Twitter all day. Then again, it isn’t your average 9-5 office work either. It has so far surpassed my expectations and I have left the office each day buzzing for the next. I feel like I have been welcomed into the team with open arms. If I have a question (and I’ve had many!) it will be answered without any trouble. The atmosphere of the BritWeb office is a friendly environment where we aren’t afraid to have a little banter. Plus someone is always making a cup of tea for everyone else – which is a huge plus!

Becky, the new apprentice at BritWeb

The awkward ‘first day’ photo!

The first week has consisted of getting acquainted with how to use each social media platform for a business environment, which is much different than many teenage hours spent on Tumblr and Instagram I can assure you. My creative writing skills have already been put to the test, which is something that I did not expect so early on. Still I believe I have been fortunate to have such a hands-on experience as it has been a real eye opener. This week has been such a valuable learning curve especially with lots of constructive feedback; it’s given me the chance to really see how it all works at BritWeb.

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