It has been rumoured that Twitter is thinking about filtered feeds. With Facebook already using this tactic, both love and hate have been expressed by many. Such a controversial topic has sparked a lot of rage over the idea of Twitter feeds being filtered to show only the most popular content.

What Twitter has to say

The social media site has always pushed out tweets in reverse chronological order, so that users see exactly what’s going on as it happens. This works well if you’re regularly checking the platform. However, after a long day it isn’t easy to sit down and read through all the tweets as they are often buried in a mass of activity. Twitter CFO Anthony Novo commented on the experience and relevance of such tweets, saying:  “…putting that content in front of the person at that moment in time is a way to organise that content better.”

Is Twitter taking on Facebook tactics?

Facebook’s algorithm surfaces content from people and pages, either from those who the user engages with the most, or who they have common interests in. Yet, many people don’t like that filtered approach. It doesn’t surface as many friends’ posts; the user must search profiles in order to see content.

Twitter has already made subtle changes such as conversation threading, allowing users to read a whole conversation no matter what time the individual tweets were posted. But moving to a complete relevance approach would make a huge difference, as many Facebook users have already found. Plus it looks like Twitter is certainly considering it as CEO Dick Costolo said he wouldn’t “rule it out”.

Take a look at these recent tweets about the topic:

Tweet about filtered feeds

Twitter filtered feeds

May twitter start filtering feeds


We want to know what you think. Would you rather just see tweets, favourites and retweets from the people you follow? Or, do you want to see the most popular and paid content on your screen? Let us know in the comments below.

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