In February, a lot of new social media updates were announced – from Facebook and Twitter making their platforms more user-friendly to other companies launching new social apps. In case you missed them, here’s a round-up of what’s happened.

Facebook reaches a milestone for advertisers

Facebook Thank You Letter
Facebook released a ‘thank you’ style note on Facebook for Business the other day, thanking advertisers for using them as a platform to reach their target audiences. Why, you ask? In the past few months they’ve reached two million active advertisers.

Facebook released a video along with the letter that celebrated entrepreneurs “creating value for their communities”. Along with this letter, Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg took the opportunity to release their new Ads Manager app for iOS, allowing advertisers to keep an eye on their campaigns on the go. Of course… this wasn’t just about saying thank you!

Facebook New App

If you do a bit of research, you can see why they chose to release yet another app. Facebook mobile ads have been performing really well over the past few months and there’s a growing need for marketers to keep an eye on all aspects of their business page(s) on the go.

Along with their new app, Facebook yet again made some tweaks to their platform. This time these updates weren’t set around advertisers and campaigns but around the public who are using the platform for general social and personal purposes. The platform announced a suicide-prevention feature where worried friends can report worrying posts to be passed on to mental illness professionals, which ties in with the work that’s been done on social media recently to raise awareness such as the Time to Talk Day campaign on Twitter. Facebook has also for the first time allowed users to customise their gender, so that users can type anything they want and not be defined by the preset list that was previously in place.

Yik is Yak-king all over the place

Yik Yak Logo

Yik Yak wasn’t announced this month, it’s actually been around since 2013. However, it’s only recently that people have started to really use the app, which may be because of the recent trend in anonymous social media platforms. It’s a sort of updated and much more aesthetically pleasing version of Reddit, where users can anonymously post funny thoughts or quotes and people can vote them up and down. The best part is there’s no sign up needed. It’s just a space where people can share quick random content. This is obviously working well as the posts are starting to circulate on both Tumblr and Facebook.

Buzzfeed launch their second app

Buzzfeed’s first app was about… well Buzzfeed – a place for users to look at the popular website’s articles on the go. Now they’ve released their second app, ‘Cute or Not’. It’s as if Tinder and the Hot or Not app made a baby and it happened to be an app for pets. No, this doesn’t mean you can set up your pugs on a date. Instead, you can swipe left and right through endless amounts of cute pets and judge them on adorable cute they are. Simple idea, yet very addictive.

Buzzfeed Cute or Not

The cool part is you can add your very own pet to the app. If it gets a huge amount of votes it could be featured on Buzzfeed. This may seem like a pointless, time-wasting app that everyone and their mother is going to become addicted to, but in truth it’s an experiment for Buzzfeed. They plan to launch a news app at some point this year but for now, the pets are coming out on top.

Twitter makes some little changes

Twitter launched their ‘whilst you were away’ feature finally, after years of users complaining about missing out on tweets because of the chronological timeline. It’s a great way for users to catch up with what their friends or favourite celebrity has been tweeting about since they were last on the app. However if you’re an avid user this feature isn’t something that you’re going to see very much. It’s more aimed at those who go for a long period of time without logging on to check up on tweets.

Twitter Whilst You Were Away

We think this could potentially help advertisers down the line, as it’s easy to target those who are always online at certain times but this gives businesses the potential for their updates to be seen later on by more of their target audience. Only time will tell.

2015 has definitely already given us some interesting social media updates and trends so far and we hope it’ll only get better! If you want to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of digital media follow us on Twitter at @BritWebLtd.

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