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There have been a lot of useful updates in the world of social media recently. Heavily focused on image based content, today we’re going to be talking about timelines, multiple accounts and crazy GIF’s. Could it get better than that? We think not.

Instagram introduces multiple accounts

FINALLY! The digital marketing team here at BritWeb rejoiced when Instagram introduced multiple accounts. Users of the image sharing app are now able to add up to five accounts. This makes for easy access to your account for your dog, blog or business.

Whilst it’s not going to be widely used by members of the public who only use their personal account, uploading photos for social media managers and the generally social obsessed has become much much easier. It shows that Instagram understands the popularity and use of their app, which hopefully means we can expect even more useful updates in the future.

Twitter’s new timeline?

Most users of Twitter follow anywhere between 300 to 1,000 people; a mix of their friends, celebrities and favourite brands. It’s common knowledge that you’ll never actually get to see tweets from everyone you follow as Twitter’s current timeline runs reverse-chronologically. The ‘While you were away…’ feature makes up for that by pulling in tweets it thinks you’ll like to see. Or so we thought.


Twitter has decided to roll out a best tweets feature – much like Facebook’s ‘Most popular’ posts – where you’ll see Tweets you’re most likely to care about at the top of your timeline using a new algorithm. These tweets will not be separated from the rest of your timeline, but instead will appear at the top before displaying most recent tweets. The good news is you can opt into and out of this option if it doesn’t interest you.

This update might be good for brands with loyal followers, as it seems the new algorithm is looking to pull content from accounts that users have interacted with the most. This hasn’t been confirmed though, so for now we’ll just have to keep a lookout.

GIF’s galore

Get ready for the endless cat GIF’s that are about to hit your Twitter screens. That’s right, Twitter is on a roll and has pulled out a whole new feature. You’ve probably had a social media manager or two tell you that tweets with images get more engagement and now Twitter are taking things to a whole new level. We reckon this will become another great way for brands to connect with their target audience through endless memes of cats, pizza and unicorns. That’s what the internet is all about these days, right?

The Twitter blog announced that they will be rolling out GIF search to all users over the coming weeks (very specific) courtesy of their partners at Giphy and Riffsy. Whilst composing a new tweet or DM you can browse the available GIF’s and choose one to match your content. It’ll surely add a new level of personality to brands, which is always a great way to improve engagement. Ever wanted to include a grumpy cat GIF in your tweet about how much you hate Monday’s? Now you can.

Audience Optimisation on Facebook

Facebook released this feature last month but now that advertisers are getting to test it, we’ve got the real low-down. Essentially it’s an audience targeting tool that allows publishers of Facebook pages to pick and choose specific groups of people to ensure that their posts reach a relevant audience. Along with the launch Facebook provided a ‘best practices’ guide.


In theory, it’s a great tool for businesses, especially small and local companies. It should allow you to target the exact type of people who want to buy your product or share your content. Social Media Today recently posted their thoughts about the tool and said “…we’ve seen that organic reach stays about the same while engagement goes up.” The results may not be the same for every business but early indications show to expect an increase in engagement over an increase in actual reach. It’s definitely worth testing!

Have you found any social media updates not in our list? Let us know on Twitter @BritWebLtd.

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