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Facebook has finally launched its ‘Facebook at Work’ social media site. Well, sort of. It’s opened up the long-awaited platform internally and to a very small group of businesses for testing last Wednesday. They’re rumoured to be aiming to have it available to all by next year.

It’s thought to have the same kind of functionality as Facebook does – such as the news feed, profiles and messaging – apart from the fact that you’re limited to interacting with the people who are in your company. It’s meant to separate work colleagues from personal life.

So, ‘the social network’ is finally trying to break into the corporate world after almost 11 years of being the people’s network. If you think about it, it makes sense. 1.35 billion People use their site monthly free of charge, so they’ve got to look for some new revenue somewhere. But what makes it different from the usual ol’ Facebook and why does Zuckerberg’s team think they won’t fail like those who have tried before them?


  • Works exactly like Facebook, which is great for user-friendliness.
  • It’s understood to be mobile compatible, meaning employees can use it on the go.
  • Third-party developers are jumping to work on extra add-on’s.



  • A different colour scheme (What? No more blue!).
  • Work accounts will be separate from personal, with option to link.
  • Company based, so not everyone in the world will be able to see your profile (we think).


Facebook have given a little bit of information about the platform, such as the fact they promise not to mine the company data that is going to be flooding onto the network. But Facebook have promised this type of privacy before with their existing social platform, and have solidly changed their minds down the line. Plus, they haven’t yet decided how they are going to make money off the app version of the platform. A spokesperson has said that Facebook are not planning on using ad space on the news feed, so maybe this version won’t be ‘free forever’ like the original social network. Subscription rates anyone?

This new platform is being put head to head against Slack, Convo and Socialcast, and Microsoft’s Yammer, along with a whole host of others. Haven’t heard of many of those before? Well that’s because they’re still trying to tackle the big brick wall that is enterprise social networking.

Daniel Rasmus, the founder of Serious Insights, said;

“Facebook’s big issue is that they have no enterprise presence outside of ad sales and marketing analytics.”

Companies generally already use Facebook, but not for personal employee purposes. The advertising and pages functions benefit companies well, but as Facebook at work will be internal, it’s questionable what its full purpose will be. Are Google docs not enough?

A lot of speculation is going around about the previous failures of work platforms before this, which never really took off the ground. These failed because of separate interfaces; employees didn’t want to exit their main work interface to access a different account… which is exactly what Facebook are planning. And the fact that they aren’t going to offer document sharing isn’t going to draw more people in. However, we all know that Facebook own add-on’s such as What’sApp, which could be utilised for this purpose.

What do you think…

Will ‘Facebook at Work’ flop or genuinely work? Comment below or let us know on Facebook itself.

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