July has been a busy month for the digital world, especially surrounding bigger names in the industry. Find out why Google+ insiders say it failed, how YouTube has become bigger than most cable channels, and what a female Engineer at OneLogin had to say about sexist comments.

Has Google+ hit the back burner?

Google announced that users will no longer need a Google+ account in order to log into YouTube or any of Google’s other websites. The reason for this? The social media side isn’t being used as much as they’d hoped. Whilst, technically 2.2 billion people have a Google+ account, only 9% of these hold any public posts, and 3% of these posts are not from YouTube comments. However, there have been no reports about SEO purposes, and has been found to be a worthy tool; especially for local businesses.

Chart by blogger Kevin Anderson.

Chart by blogger Kevin Anderson.

Google+ was advertised as a completion to the circle of already popular platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Researcher Ed Morbis posted his finding’s on Ello, backing up the fact that Google+ may have been doomed from the beginning with goals to catch up with it’s competitors. It may still be worth keeping a Google+ profile updated for business and branding purposes, but people are moving on from it for personal social media accounts.

YouTube is top dog

YouTube’s apparent inability to generate massive profits didn’t stop Google from singing it’s praises recently. Chief business officer Omid Kordestani admitted that the streaming site is now bigger than most cable channels in America, with it’s biggest target audience being 18-49 year olds. This is a pretty big statement to make when streaming giant Netflix is booming, but you’ve got to admit those laughing baby videos just get you.


It doesn’t stop there. YouTube’s watch time has gone up 60% year-by-year for the past three years, as well as advertiser expenditure. The engagement metrics have shot through the roof in recent months, which researchers have attributed to the fact that over 50% of young children have access to tablet’s and mobile devices. It seems as if YouTube may kill TV soon… (cue The Buggles song)


The tech company OneLogin devised a campaign of print advertisements that featured engineers from within their company, which featured quotes about the working environment. All of the engineers that were featured were man, except for unsuspecting Isis Wenger.




Wenger’s ad gained a lot of criticism on social media, to the tune of an un-relatable stock model. People cried out at the fact OneLogin we’re trying to “…appeal to women but are probably just appealing to dudes.” calling her ‘too pretty’ to be an engineer. Isis Wenger fought back by creating ilooklikeanengineer.com; a website soon to launch where fellow female engineer’s will be able to share their stories about being discounted as an engineer.

The hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer has gathered over 10 million impressions and 700+ tweets so far.


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    • Hi Steve, thanks for your comment! As far as we know Google+ will not be stopping it’s services, instead just allowing users to use YouTube comments etc without having an account. A spokesperson for Google recently told DailyDot that this will have “…no impact on our Google+ strategy–we have an incredibly talented team that will continue to build great user experiences across Google+, Hangouts and Photos.” Hope this helps 🙂

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