If you’re reading this you probably have a list of subscribers ready and waiting to send a mailer to. Unfortunately, there’s no magic guide when it comes to succesful email marketing. Trends move very fast and whilst it’s important to keep your own branding and tone of voice, it’s also key to update your template and strategies every six months or so.

As active email marketers, our digital team here at BritWeb keep an eye on said trends. We note what companies are doing well and maybe not so well and use them as inspiration in our day-to-day. Here are some companies to watch who we think have great email marketing:

Fred Perry

When you think “Fred Perry” the words smart, clean and simple instantly come to mind. That’s exactly what they mirror in their email campaigns. The email example below was sent out to their mailing list to let them know about a pop-up store in New York. With a simple brand focused photo, minimal text and key information present, it’s a winner for us.

Fred Perry



If you know anything at all about marketing, you’ll know that Innocent have got it right. Even with their email marketing, they manage to defy all usual rules.

Instead of creating elaborate mailers with lots of images, Innocent simply sent out this email with a colloquial, comedic passage of text. As their brand is based around hilarious tweets and text adverts, they can get away with mirroring this witty content in their emails knowing that their subscribers will want to read on.


Warby Parker

This company has been in the marketing spotlight quite a few times for their successful marketing campaigns and rightly so! As an online glasses shop, they’ve found a way to connect to their customers on a different level.

Past campaigns have been centered around a ‘try before you buy’ service, but something as simple as a reminder email can make customers feel valued. See below a simply designed email that’s personalised to the recipient’s specific prescription renewal. Sometimes, it’s the little touches that count.

Warby Parker


The first step to ‘getting it right’ is knowing your audience. Moonpig’s foundation relies on its customers filling cards with pictures they’ve taken themselves. Instead of sending out mailers about holiday seasons with offers and sales, they’ve taken it to an interactive and creative level.

The message is simple: “Taken some great holiday snaps? Make memories out of them.” Tug at your customers heart strings and you’ve got yourself some brand-building.



New Look

The fact is, emails are turning image-based. Whilst some brands can get away with lots of text, many online consumers are looking for quick bites of content that offer them something. Image based emails are snappy, eye-catching and usually offer the customer a quick pathway to a sale.

For example, this email could have easily said “Buy World Cup t-shirts now” but instead it says “World Cup ready?” with clear CTA’s. Intrinsically suggest sales, but don’t push them in your customers faces. You almost have to show customers what they already want.



We hope that these five email campaigns give you some inspiration for your own future mailers. If you have any queries about getting started with an email provider, template or creation of campaigns, get in touch with our digital team. Just call us on 01403 261491 and we’d be happy to help!

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