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The New Pinterest Analytics Tool

The new analytics tool has been in testing for several months and thus has only been available to a certain amount of people. Now, as long as you’re signed up to a free Pinterest business account, you can take advantage of the tool. This new analytics version has come at a great time, as other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are rolling out their new tools, specially aimed at businesses.

Along with promoted pins being launched, this new tool is free to allow businesses to look at how their strategy is working on the Pinterest platform. This is instead of them giving a small and rudimentary amount of information like that which businesses were receiving before.

What the ‘Your Pinterest Profile’ tab has to offer

What the Pinterest Profile tab has to offer

With this tab you can look at analytics from impressions, repins, clicks and all-time data for your Pinterest page. Each section lets you look at average daily impressions and views during a certain time frame. Also, you can look at top pins and boards from the last 30 days, which gives you insights into how many clicks you got on posts, rather than just the amount of re-pins you get.

What the ‘Audience’ tab has to¬†offer

What the Audience tab has to offer

One of the new features of analytics tool is the “Your Audience” tab. This allows you to look at the average monthly viewers and average monthly amount of people engaging with your profile, as well as what parts of the world your viewers are from, amounts of each gender¬†that look at your boards, and the languages that are most used.

Like Google Analytics, you can set a time frame to hone in what you’re looking for, and see information from different types of mediums such as Android, iPhone, and just plain web browsers.

In our point of view, it’s going to be very helpful to see more about your audience in more generalised terms, rather than researching from individual notifications. Businesses are going to be able to use these new analytics to tweak their plans for campaigns, with the time frame feature coming in very handy.

What the ‘Activity’ tab has to offer

What the 'Activity' tab has to offer

The activity tab is the last of the tabs from the new Pinterest analytics. This offers information on your boards’ impressions, repins, clicks, original pins, all-time and the pin it button. In other words it lets you know what other people are doing with the content from your site, on Pinterest itself.

This is really helpful, especially the ‘Pin-it’ button feature. If you’ve got this button on your site, you will be able to see whether people have actually used it to pin to Pinterest, and what content that they like the most. This helps you shape your strategy around most popular content.

We hope this has given you food for thought…

… and that now you have the low down on what the new Pinterest analytics has to offer business profiles. Let us know what part of Pinterest analytics you find the most helpful in the comments below, or tweet us at @BritWebLtd.

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