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Last Friday, three members of our BritWeb team popped down to Brighton SEO for a fun-filled and informative day. With our greatly oversized badges, we stepped into various different talks to find out “what’s up” in the world of digital marketing and SEO. There was a great atmosphere during the day with people tapping away on their laptops and updating live feeds on their various social media platforms.


 BritWeb team at Brighton SEO 2014


There were many great talks from the day – but a few really stuck out for us.

Brighton SEO Google Talk

The first talk that we attended was “Predicting the future of Google, and why it’s no longer a search company” presented by Ian Miller. We all know that Google is constantly collecting data but from where? It seems the world is turning into George Orwell’s world of ‘1984’, and Google is ‘Big Brother’. In the US Google has access to data on over 7,000 Starbucks Wi-Fi’s, and has recently bought companies such as Skybox Imaging, Nest and Dropcam.

In a nutshell Google are no longer just a search company, as they are aiming to be your “cyber-friend”. They’re doing this by keeping up with you not only on the net, but outside of your virtual world, to help them “future proof” who they are.

Brighton SEO Matt Roberts Talk

Matt Roberts and his momentology talk centred around sales funnels and thinking about your brand from the consumer’s shoes, not the marketers. You have to think about your brand awareness, and what makes you stand out from the other competitors to lead to the eventual purchase. Be the consumer.


Illustrated Marketing Concepts Brighton SEO


Stephen Croome gave a great chat about flipping things around and teaching a client how to be better at marketing, rather than keeping them in the dark. This way they better understand what you are doing for them, rather than feeling overwhelmed. His approach is paper, a pencil and a cup of coffee. Talking human to human – sounds wonderful to us!

He also made a great point on how giving client’s daily reports can actually be very misleading. They will be more disappointed rather than positive, as the fluctuations make it look worse than it is. An end of month report shows the real picture.

Earning Links Talk Brighton SEO

Lastly, Kirsty Hulse gave an insightful and comedic chat about “Earning Links Through Audience Segmentation”. She talked about many useful tools such as SocialMention and FB Graph Search (by the way, if you change your language settings in Facebook to US English you can access it!) to really help you hone in on your brands target audience. Hulse also told us not to create barriers within a niche, with a rather controversial, but brilliant, example! If you were there, you will know. We will leave it at that.

We enjoyed our day at Brighton SEO thoroughly and it has definitely given us some food for thought!


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