If you’ve had a look around the BritWeb website or have worked with us before, you’ll know that we offer professional SEO services. Recently, our SEO team have ramped up their outreach and PR efforts, piggybacking off client’s existing marketing activities and taking advantage of opportunities to increase brand mentions across the web. We’ve really started to get our hands dirty in terms of diving into our clients’ schedules and using them to our and their advantage.

Here are our top three points for PR and outreach work that we’ve been swearing by.

Keeping up with the clients

It’s important for us to keep up to date with our client’s marketing activities and news. This is because this allows us to scope out an SEO strategy that will not only boost visibility in the Google search results, but also create brand mentions and links in the places that matter to them. Recently we have been looking at our clients’ upcoming industry events, exhibitions and shows to help with our link building efforts. We’ve been creating pieces of content and real press releases that we can reach out to potential influencers, news and event websites. For example, if the client will be showcasing any new products, services or technology at an upcoming event, we want to know about it.

Outreach is all about reaching out to industry influencers and journalists with something they will be interested in featuring. ‘News’ can be anything from a new product to your company being at an event, so in theory almost anyone could benefit from outreach work. Your target audience are looking for new content and news they can grab onto all the time. We’ve carried out brand building in a number of different ways.

Sweeping through social

Using our clients’ social accounts helps us to look at a number of things. We look at a range of their social presence but mainly focus on Twitter and Facebook, as these are the places where people mostly share content such as promoting blog posts. Whilst on our client’s social account we can look directly at their target audience and look at what they’re talking about, who they follow and who follows them, and what content and events they show interest in. We can also search for industry events and opportunities, such as guest blogging or journalists looking for stories.

Twitter is growing fast and is becoming a great place to find and get in touch with potential influencers or journalists, find out their interests and build up a relationship. Once we’ve found people that we want to use for our clients we can get in touch with them through social, email and other social accounts. It’s good to look at all the online presence that these people have to find out what collaborative work they may have done in the past; such as sharing an infographic on their blog or posting a video on Instagram.

Finding opportunities

As previously mentioned, a lot of outreach opportunities can be found on social media, whether the client is active on there or not. We also use Google to search for existing news articles on industry events. This helps us to find hot topics and also get the client listed on pages that may not have previously had links.

If you think you’re company could benefit from outreach on top of your existing online marketing contact our team at 01403 261491.

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