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Are you tired of seeing a poor return from your website?

Many businesses set up online with high expectations but become quickly frustrated at the lack of any form of return on investment.

If you’re one of these businesses don’t fret, we’ve got some great news for you…

In our experience the performance of most websites can be dramatically improved by following some simple but highly effective guidelines.


Understand your audience

Your website works best when your target market recognise themselves within the brand of your business and are inspired to take action. A strong combination of relevant imagery and words will create engagement with your visitors and promote confidence, trust and interest.


Establish your website’s purpose

What do you want people to do when they reach your site? If you don’t know, neither will they! We’ve identified 10 ways your visitor could take action when arriving at your online home yet most websites barely cover one or two.


Get (and stay) Google fit

We all know Google is the power house of online search. Being Google fit is vital. What we mean by that is ensuring that the site not only contains strong content but is aligned to Google’s technical requirements from an SEO perspective. A badly built or unchanging site will not only struggle for rankings but could be penalised by Google’s stringent listing criteria.


Avoid SEO Complacency

Many businesses launch websites and consider Search Engine Optimisation as a once only job. Wrong! In the same way as you wouldn’t run a TV ad once, SEO should be regarded as an ongoing commitment to achieve truly effective results. And for true SEO success you need a clear strategy with a team that fully understands the complexities of Google’s technology.


Use Social Media wisely

Social Media has truly revolutionised the way people communicate and can bring immediate and deep engagement with your target market. A well planned campaign of appropriate, timely and high impact posts, updates and tweets can yield amazing results for your business and planned properly needn’t take you away from the coalface.


Harness the business benefits of Video branding

Video is emerging as a “must have” for business websites for many reasons:

  • It truly engages your audience and builds trust quickly
  • YouTube is second only to Google on the amount of searches it receives
  • Google likes video
  • A video can be shared across your social networks
  • According to Internet Retailer visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy.



Keep active

Your online footprint should never be static. Consider creating a schedule of online campaign activity and stick to it. Websites that change and develop are far more likely to be followed and shared by your target market. They are also prioritised by Google over static sites. Creating a culture of joining, sharing, subscribing and registering creates a powerful community of “raving fans” ready to spread the word.


Be aware of what’s going on

Regular review of your visitor statistics is a vital component of online success yet many businesses simply overlook this. It’s not just a question of how many visitors you get. Much can be gleaned from visitor behaviour. Your site may have valuable information that users cannot find it because of poor navigation. Also it’s vital to be aware of what’s going on in your competitive space, your rivals may be snatching your customers with stuff that could be on your website.

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