Social Media campaigns have dominated social media streams throughout 2014. Companies have been using various different methods to attract and engage their customers through a range of different channels including Facebook and Twitter.

Here are just a few of the fantastic ones that have been seen in 2014:

Burger King Motel Case

Burger King took over a Motel in Auckland, New Zealand and outfitted the rooms with everything Burger King. They then invited people to stay at the motel and try their new chicken burger and share their photos and experience via social media.

Marc Jacobs Model campaign

Marc Jacobs has been searching for a new face for his label and this year he announced the #CastMeMarc casting call. All people had to do was post a picture of themselves to Instagram or Twitter along with the hashtag to be in the running. What a clever idea!

Marc Jacobs #castmemarc Campaign

My Nat Geo covershoot

National Geographic launched a contest on Facebook where fans could experience what it would be like having their own photo on the cover of a Nat Geo magazine. All they had to do was upload their picture and then caption it and they could be in with the chance of winning a travel package.

Natgeo Cover Shoot FB Campaign

Pepsi Max #LiveForNow Campaign

At a bus shelter in London Pepsi Max created an interactive advert that made it look like crazy events were happening in the street. Watch the video to see just how they put it into action and the reactions of passers-by.

Dominos #letsdolunch Campaign

Dominos ran a campaign which got people tweeting the hashtag #letsdolunch in order to reduce the price of the star pizza that day. Dominos reduced the price of the pizza according to the amount of people tweeted the hashtag between 9am and 11am. The pizza went from being £15.99 to £7.74. Cheap pizza? What a genius idea!

Dominos Tweet Treat Campaign
Social Media campaigns are becoming more and more crazy, engaging and most of all effective. These are just a handful of the best campaigns from this year. What will next year hold?

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